Something About Me

This website will serve as my personal website to show case my portfolio for any game design/development work I've done.

I'm a passionate gamer, ever since I was a kid. I enjoy being completely immersed in a game world. I'm always drawn to RPG's and to be totally absorbed by the storylines, the characters and world. It is a life long dream to work in the games industry, whether it being part of a team or to publish a game as an indie developer.

I went to University to study Computer Games Development at the University of Central Lancashire. However due to personal circumstances, I was unable to complete the full degree, but I did attain a Diploma of Higher Education with Merit. After a hiatus of academic study and now with a bit of life experience behind me, I am currently in the process of reapply to go back to University and complete my degree. In the meantime, during my spare time, I have been teaching myself to work with the Unity game engine with the objective of developing enough commercially viable skills to be able to work in a games studio, or to be able to develop and publish my own game.

Apart from games, I currently work as a retail manager, I have attemped an HGV course 5 times, and although unsucessful, I may at some point return to it. As well as that, I have also done a little bit of web design and development. So a little bit a of jack of all trades.


  • Experience with Unity Game Engine
  • C#, C++
  • HTML, CSS, some PHP
  • Full Drivers License, Provisonal C1
  • Retail Management

Current Objectives

  • Reapply to University and completing my Degree.
  • Teaching myself to use Blender.